Saturday, June 16, 2012

Seeing the Silver Lining

I know you've probably heard the statement, "there's always a silver lining..". Well today I've been looking for it!

Today was going to be absolutely perfect! I woke up not too early but early enough to be productive. I took the dogs out and realized the weather was so perfect for a picnic. It was sunny but had a little breeze so we could take the puppies with us and they wouldn't be too hot! After a few errands around town, aka Target, we got ready for our outing.

I packed us fresh fruit, some of J's fav Chicken Wing Dip and sammies from our favorite deli! Josh picked the spot, a park across town that he's played disc golf at a few times. The place was deserted. I think I saw like 2 people the whole time we were there. So we park on this little hill and walk maybe 30yards down to a shady spot and set up our picnic. The dogs were in heaven especially Charlie because I convinced J to let him off his leash.

After our yummie lunch we decide to drive over to the dog park area so the dogs could really run and play. Walking up to my car, I told J to be careful because there was a lot of glass on one side of the car. At this point I'm thinking, "Did he seriously park right here, there is obviously a broken bottle, what was he thinking!" Well friends it was no bottle, it was my window!!

We were literally gone for no longer than 20mins and we come back to my car window smashed all over and of course my missing purse! I immediately burst into tears, feeling so stupid for leaving it in the first place {just for the record I did attempt to hide it under the back seat}. Epic Fail. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before and I was kinda just stunned.

J went into "White Knight" mode, calling the police and getting the pups away from glass danger. He took me home then went and cleaned all the glass out of my car and got all my stuff out. Which was loads of books, puppets, and other stuff my mom had given me for my classroom. He even taped up my poor little window, since I can't get the glass man out until Tuesday.

So where is this "Silver Lining" I speak of?? Well first off I got to see J do work in a less than perfect situation, he passed with flying colors. Secondly, I can finally get that custom monogrammed debit card I've been eyeing. And last but definitely not least, because my sweet sweet boyfriend felt so terrible about choosing the picnic spot, he's getting me a new purse!

Even though today kinda stunk, it's ended up ok. J and I are sitting rooftop, waiting for our yummy chicken wings to cook, and watching the sun set on Columbia.

So remember friends, hide your purse (realll good) and there is always Silver Lining. Today mine was a loving man, a good view and some yummy food!

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