Saturday, September 1, 2012

7 days down, 173 to go

Yup, I'm pretty sure I'm terrible at blogging.. 

As soon as school started it seemed anything outside of lesson planning has fallen by the way side. 
Bye Bye Social Life!! Ughh..

I should at least make time to blog about my first few days right?! Well I will fill you in on my first 7 days in kindergarten.

I'm not going to lie to you..and I won't sit here and say that it has been a cake walk and everything has been absolutely perfect.. because it hasn't. I feel like everything around me is going a million miles per hour and I'm standing still.. 
I have no idea where the day goes, when its 2:45 and time to dismiss. I wonder.. "Ohh no did I even cover what I was supposed to?"My confidence is just kinda shot. I guess I had this "crazy" expectation that I would just walk in and everything including my kid's behavior would just fall into place. I seemed to have forgotten that for many kindergarteners it is their very first time in a school setting. 

I'm really hoping that once I get organized and have some lesson plans done ahead of time I will feel better. My plan is to keep a positive attitude and to bust my tail to make sure I'm doing everything I need to for my little babies to be the best they can be. 
Feel free to share any first year advice with me…not gonna lie, I definitely need it!! :)

Off to plan for the upcoming week! Thank GOD for Labor Day!! Whew!